Lisa strives to improve the lives of her customers, be it by helping those with a hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices and conversations in their lives, or by helping provide relief and restoring hearing for those with excess wax.

Lisa and her team takes great pride and gains immense satisfaction by helping her customers.

Here is how some customers found their experience…

“Fantastic would recommend this to anyone, well worth the traveling”. Mr Wigham

“Just been to Lisa’s clinic and had wax removal, the micro suction technique I was unsure of and scared what to expect but it was nothing didn’t really feel anything and was super quick! Lisa shows that your ears are clear afterwards on screen! Amazing! Would recommend to anyone who suffers from blocked ears like me! My ears are clear before I fly on Sunday! Thank you Lisa!”. Mr Chew

“Thank you so much Lisa you saved my life!! I couldn’t hear a thing and after visiting you on Wednesday I’m fixed.. So professional, explained everything she was doing. Thank you so much and hope your business is a great success”. Mrs Loadman

“This place is a god send .Just when I thought I was going to wait weeks to get my ears syringed at the doctors I came across this lady in Whickham .She is very professional and very quick and this procedure is painless I never felt a thing . Won’t hesitate in going back , totally recommend this to anyone suffering from earwax.”. Mr Winter

“After my first consultation with Lisa Graham I was impressed with her professionalism and efficiency. The hearing aids she recommended were a significant improvement. Thanks to her diagnostic ability, knowledge and skill I have maintained an excellent level of hearing. I unreservedly would recommend Lisa Graham”. Mr Brown

“After several years of procrastination eventually plucked up courage to go and have my ears tested. I had been afraid and embarrassed that wearing hearing aids was a sign of failure and old age, that people might think less of me and I would in some senses be disabled.

When I arrived at the audiologist, Lisa made me feel welcome and was neither dismissive nor patronising in any way.

Her ability to make me feel at ease and explain technically and physiologically what was happening during my hearing test and assessment and about what we were doing, gave me a great deal of confidence, I felt supported and cared for.

The results were amazing, to mix metaphors, my eyes were truly opened to what I’d been missing for all those years. A truly life changing experience and one I have been recommending to all my peers who complain of “I might be going deaf too”.”

Modern hearing aids are so small and so powerful that you can almost forget they are there, yet they bring whole new world of sound every single day.

I can thoroughly recommend Lisa, her technical skills and personality, and the results! just speak for themselves.

So, if you are one of those that has been procrastinating and putting it off, ignoring your friends and relative’s pleas, I say go! Go see Lisa, you will not regret it.” Mr Campbell 

“After I totally lost my hearing to one side I was left struggling to function. When I first visited Lisa I was concerned that there was not a hearing aid for my needs. I’ve never felt the need to see any other audiologist since.

Lisa was fantastic with me. She immediately put me at ease. She was sympathetic and reassured me that she could help me. Lisa spent time, assessing my hearing needs. Then helping me to learn how to use and care for my very technical cross system hearing aids. Lisa understands how important the fine tuning and fitting is for the comfort of the user.

I would highly recommend Lisa.” Ms Gill

“I am happy to say that Lisa provided a professional service and I found Lisa to be extremely helpful, thorough in making adjustments to my hearing aids over time, and most importantly, sensitive at the initial stages because of my hesitancy in accepting I had had a long-term hearing difficulty.” Mr Ray

“I was a little nervous as I’d never had microsuction before. Lisa put me at ease straight away, explaining the procedure and within minutes my wax was gone. The feeling of relief was amazing! As was the improvement in my hearing. I would definitely recommend this treatment and Lisa”. Mrs Greaves

“Thank you for the procedure you carried out, removing the wax from my ears.   Your system was very efficient and it was nice to see the evidence in the before and after pictures.   No doubt I will be back next year.” Dennis