What causes a hearing loss?

The majority of hearing loss is age related and caused by the gradual wear and tear to tiny hair cells in the ear, within the Cochlear, that transfers sounds to the brain. Other causes include blockages – such as wax and debris in the ear canal – or, in some instances, illness and certain medications can also dull the hearing.

Signs that people need help

Because a hearing loss usually occurs so gradually, people often don’t realise it’s happening. Typically friends or family notice the symptoms before the individual does!

A hearing test would be beneficial if any of the following symptoms have been noticed:

• Conversation, especially in background noise, can sometimes be misheard or misunderstood; leading to asking people to repeat.

• The television is turned up louder than friends and family would have it.

• No matter how loud the television volume is set, it can still be difficult to make out what people are saying.

• It seems like people are mumbling, have poor diction.

• You become more reliant on looking at people when they are talking to you.

• You feel you are having to concentrate to try to hear what people are saying.