Audiology services have been highlighted as an essential service to continue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  During this pandemic, the safety of our customers and staff is essential. Working practices have therefore been reviewed and altered to reflect current guidelines from the UK’s audiology professional bodies to ensure a safe method of practice for both patients and staff.

Please note that as we are operating in a healthcare environment, for the safety of staff and fellow customers, we kindly request that your wear a facemask.

The appointment booking process will initially explore options of helping you without the need for a face to face appointment. However, when a face to face appointment is required, further questions will be asked to confirm you are safe to attend an appointment.

You will be asked to confirm that to the best of your knowledge that:

  • You or anyone in your household or bubble does not have coronavirus
  • You or anyone in your household or bubble does not have a new, continuous cough
  • You or anyone in your household or bubble does not have a high temperature (37.8 C or over)
  • You or anyone in your household or bubble have not recently had a loss of or change to smell or taste
  • You or anyone in your household or bubble have been told to self-isolate after travel from a high risk country or contact from track and trace

If the answer to any of the above questions changes to YES between booking and attending your appointment, we ask you to contact us urgently to reschedule your appointment.

What to expect when you attend your appointment:

  • Attend on time, at your appointment time, please do not arrive early.
  • Attend alone – unless accompanied by someone from same household. Anyone accompanying you cannot come into the consultation room and ideally should wait outside the Practice.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for use.
  • Tissues will be available and should be used when coughing or sneezing and disposed of in bin provided.
  • A further check for COVID symptoms will be made and consent form discussed, together with an explanation of the procedure.
  • Due to nature of the appointment, where 2m cannot be maintained PPE will be donned, and you will be instructed to don the facemask provided.
  • Your temperature will be taken with an infrared temperature scanner.
  • Payment by card is preferred.

For your reassurance that your safety is of paramount concern:

  • Appropriately certified PPE will be used.
  • All Wax Removal Specialists have received both COVID vaccines and self-test twice a week.
  • Throughout the day Wax Removal Specialist check their oxygen levels and temperature, to ensure they are safe to practice.
  • The treatment area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between appointments.
  • Where possible, 2 metres social distancing will be maintained.
  • Attempts will be made to cluster tasks that require contact within 2m, and additional PPE will be worn.
  • Time spent at close proximity (less than 2 metres) will be minimised where possible.