Audiology services have been highlighted as an essential service to continue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  During this pandemic, the safety of our customers and staff is essential. Working practices have therefore been reviewed and altered to reflect current guidelines from the UK’s audiology professional bodies to ensure a safe method of practice for both patients and staff.

The appointment booking process will initially explore options of helping you without the need for a face to face appointment. However, when a face to face appointment is required, further questions will be asked to confirm you are safe to attend an appointment. You will be advised of what to expect during your appointment and also, what will be expected of you. For your information, refer to the COVID-19 – Triage Procedure that our team will work to when booking your appointment.

For your information and peace of mind, the COVID-19 – Microsuction Wax Removal Procedure details how the appointment will be run, so that you are clear what to expect and can be assured that your safety is of paramount concern.

All face to face appointments will incur a temporary ‘Peace of Mind’ surcharge. Lisa Graham Hearingcare is going to great efforts to ensure the safety of all, and further details of the surcharge can be found here. The surcharge helps towards ensuring that it is still viable to offer face to face appointments.

For further reassurance, Lisa has also received her first vaccine and is tested for COVID twice a week.