There are many different hearing aid styles and technology options available which can initially seem overwhelming as to what is the right choice. Lisa aims to guide you through this process, to narrow down appropriate options for you to consider and ensure you understand the pros, cons and benefits different options can bring you.


Technology can vary widely. Often people feel a more advanced hearing aid will be more complicated to use, however this is not the case.

Lisa has access to a wide range of technology from the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturers, and she can guide you on the options available and how they can be of benefit.

The options can include rechargeable hearing aids, which have enough charge to last throughout the day, allowing you to recharge your hearing aids overnight, ensuring your battery won’t run out at an inopportune moment!

Many hearing aids also benefit from Bluetooth Technology. This can provide the ability to wirelessly connect to phones, PCs, laptops and TVs. You can even have a telephone conversation where the sound is relayed directly into both ears whilst keeping your phone in your pocket!  As the phone call is being transmitted via Bluetooth into both hearing aids, through your prescription, the quality of the call is much clearer and listening effort reduced.


“A hearing loss is often more noticeable than a hearing aid”

It’s important that you have a hearing aid that provides the technological help that you need, but also one that you will feel comfortable wearing. Your hearing loss, lifestyle and size and shape of your ear canal can influence the style of the hearing aid that would be appropriate for you.

Lisa will discuss appropriate options with you, together with pros and cons, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Receiver in the canal (RIC)

Very comfortable, extremely discreet yet powerful hearing aid, fitting comfortably behind your ear. This is an extremely popular choice, coming in a rechargeable option and with Bluetooth capability.


Invisible in the canal (IIC) & completely in the canal (CIC)

Extremely discreet, IIC is the smallest hearing aid, fitting neatly into the ear canal – almost invisible when worn. The slightly larger CIC offers discretion and bluetooth capabilities.


In the canal (ITC) & in the ear (ITE)

Bespoke and discreet, and can be slightly larger for increased ease of handling, power and battery life. This style offers the option of Bluetooth capability.


Behind the ear (BTE)

A more traditional style, fitting comfortably behind the ear and attaching to a custom-made ear mould. This style offers the option of Bluetooth capability.


Included in the Price of Hearing Aids

When purchasing hearing aids, it is very important to know what’s included in the price. By purchasing from Lisa Graham Hearingcare you will receive all these benefits:

• A free full hearing assessment when your aids are ordered during your appointment

• A thorough Fitting appointment of your hearing aids and guidance on using them

• A fortnightly follow up process, until you feel comfortable with your hearing aids

• A comprehensive aftercare service for the length of your warranty including six monthly check ups

• Regular Hearing Assessments and reprogramming of aids when needed

• Free hearing aid warranty*

• 60-day money back guarantee period, less administration costs

*3 to 5 years depending on technology