Protection against hearing damage is essential where exposure to loud sounds occurs as a result of occupational or recreational activity. Lisa Graham Hearingcare uses Protection and enhancement products from Starkey Hearing Technologies. These are the first step to preserving hearing health.

Starkey offer an excellent portfolio of custom-fit options that blend performance with hearing protection for all recreational and professional listening needs.

Shooters and Hunters

Hearing is an important advantage for competitive shooters and hunters. SoundGear amplifies and protects this most vital sense with proven and superior hearing technology. This advanced digital technology delivers environmental awareness while simultaneously protecting the user’s hearing from gun blasts.

SoundGear devices are the only shooter and hunter protection devices that have been designed to provide users with superior wind noise reduction. The proprietary Acoustic Signature technology detects and classifies wind, providing clarity in situations that matter most. SoundGear devices also utilise best-in-class feedback cancellation technology to ensure a virtually whistle free experience for the wearer.

Styles vary from Custom Fit in-the-ear devices, to in-the-canal and behind-the-ear styles which provide a generic solution to protection and fitting. For further information please Click here.

Musicians and Concerts

PerformER & ProtectER by Cluistrom
For a musician, hearing isn’t just a means of communication—it’s a way of life. Musicians Filtered Custom Earmoulds use flat-response attenuators, so that sound heard through the filters has the same quality as the original sound, just quieter.

Musicians Filtered Custom Earmoulds attenuate sound across all frequencies rather than just low- and mid-range frequencies, making music more clear and natural sounding. Unlike traditional earplugs which introduce a frequency bias, our Musician Filtered Custom Earmoulds are designed using soft silicone to protect your hearing, while delivering clear sound across all frequencies — available with 10, 15, 25 or 30 interchangeable filters. For further information please Click here.

Tunz Custom Fit Products

Tune into crystal clear sound with Tunz™ custom-fit products. From MP3s to gaming devices, computers and more, experience the ultimate in pure listening enjoyment with these custom products, made precisely for your ears.

TUNZ Custom Audio Monitors
Ideal for iPod & MP3 Players – Tunz in-ear, custom-fit audio hard acrylic monitors provide the ultimate in comfort and crystal-clear clarity because they fit perfectly and reduce ambient noise.

Custom Earpod and Airpod Earmoulds

An innovative sleeve to customise the fit of the wireless Airpod and the Earpod. Made for comfort in design with specified grooved slots for the sensors in a white soft silicone material allowing the customer to enhance their personal fitting experience.

TUNZ Custom Stage Monitors
Discover natural, balanced sound and pure, rich tones with Tunz Custom Stage Monitors. These custom-fit hard acrylic monitors eliminate the need for traditional stage wedge monitors.

Models include the TUNZ DUO S, TUNZ TRIO B and the TUNZ TRIO XB. For further information please Click here.


Swim Plugs
Swimmers can experience sensitivity to water in the ear. Starkey custom-made swimmer’s earplugs are waterproof when surface swimming and offer protection for those prone to ear infections or other ear problems. Swim plugs are a safe, effective way to protect your ears and prevent discomfort while continuing the activities you enjoy.

Made from soft silicone material for maximum comfort, swim plugs are made in a floatable material so you won’t lose them in the water. Swim plugs come in a wide variety of colours, including solid, marble effect and neon. For further information please Click here.