Honest, caring, independent hearingcare

When it comes to you and your hearing, Lisa Graham doesn’t see you as just another customer. You are seen as an individual, with unique needs, that requires the very best advice and service possible.

Being independent means Lisa can advise you on a wealth of products from the leading hearing aid manufacturers. She is not tied to any one manufacturer giving her complete freedom of choice.

If you have a confirmed hearing loss, worn hearing aids in the past, or feel that there is a hearing loss present and would like to address this, then the Full Hearing Assessment is recommended.

Putting you at ease

During your hearing assessment Lisa will take time to understand your lifestyle requirements and your hearing difficulties and needs. Understanding this and your level of hearing loss means we can tailor the best solution possible to suit your needs.

A medical history will be taken, the health of your ears checked and pure tone audiometry conducted, using our Soundproof Booth, to assess your hearing. The results will be fully explained to you.

If you have a hearing loss that would benefit from hearing aids, Lisa will demonstrate how you should be able to hear. This will allow you to hear the difference hearing aids could make. It can also be useful to have a family member with you, so you can hear the difference the hearing aids make with their familiar voice.

If you feel the hearing aids would be of assistance and benefit, Lisa will then discuss different options in terms of the style of the hearing aids, including pros and cons. She will also discuss different technology options and how this will influence your ability to hear. Technology will affect the price, which for a pair of hearing aids will range between £2000 – £4000. A Full Hearing Assessment is £75, refundable against hearing aid purchase.

The highest level of service and aftercare

Lisa feels that a comprehensive aftercare program is imperative to the performance of your hearing aids and the benefits they can bring to you, your family and your friends. The aim of the aftercare program is to ensure that you are hearing as well as you can with the hearing aids that you have. So you can be confident you will get the very best from your hearing technology for years to come.

As you will always see Lisa for your appointments, you will receive continuity in your aftercare. Your aftercare will include a thorough follow up program after the hearing aids are fitted and then six-monthly check-ups. The check-ups allow your aids to be cleaned and checked, the health of your ears checked and any fine tuning to be carried out.

At regular intervals, typically every 2 years, your hearing will also be reassessed, and your hearing aids reprogrammed as required. This ensures your hearing aids will match any changes in your hearing.

The aftercare program runs in line with the length of your hearing aid warranty, which varies between 3 and 5 years and is included within the initial price of your hearing aids.

“After my first consultation with Lisa Graham I was impressed with her professionalism and efficiency. The hearing aids she recommended were a significant improvement. Thanks to her diagnostic ability, knowledge and skill I have maintained an excellent level of hearing. I unreservedly would recommend Lisa Graham”